Dream Big:

It’s been four years since I made a promise to myself and tied it around my wrist. “Dream Big” reminded me the yellow knitted words on my blue bracelet each time my eyes shifted towards it. I had big dreams and high hopes to reach goals that never seemed far fetched. Slowly the threads sank deeper when I dived in oceans and got carried away while I ran against the wind. A couple of letters were still lingering and I couldn’t waste them on failed experiments anymore. So I lowered my expectations and tailored pret-a-porter dreams. Soon enough I stopped checking my bracelet believing it faced no risks anymore. I realized today that my “Dream Big” bracelet was not on my wrist anymore. It had lost its purpose of pushing me to chase bigger dreams. Its disappearance though carried a more powerful message. Sometimes the void holds a heavier weight. Sometimes we find more presence in a loss. My dreams might be too big to come true but it only means that I’ll keep on dreaming bigger.


“We’re all chasing something in this world. Goals that give sense to our lives. As we run, time runs faster, so we run even faster. We forget that the moments we live are more valuable than time itself.”
Time is the theme of my new short story entitled “FastForward”.

Cultural transmission:

From the first seconds of conception, we are conditioned to respect our roots, worship our history, defend our piece of land and our people. Conformity means security. We let go of our identity to identify to a community; to a prototype of who we should be, not of who we really are.

I tell you to let go of all this imposed knowledge and dare to discover other cultures. Don’t draw imaginary borders that limit your thinking to what you’ve been told to think of. Travel… Read… Learn… Until you discover what makes you, you.

You can be Acultural and just enjoy the journey of discovering new things without settling or identifying to any culture. Transcultural and identify with another civilization. Or even Ciscultural and match the culture you have been assigned. But never settle down until you have expanded your resources…


Chaos is the most disordered state of disorder. There are so many probabilities that everything seems unpredictably random. Our universe tends towards maximum entropy [the measure of disorder]… but for what purpose? To attain a certain order perhaps? To give us the illusion of choice?

It took evolution billions of years to shape who we are right now. The changes were once predictable but since nature tends towards disorder, the probabilities multiplied until an infinite number of evolutionary paths seemed possible.

We look, observe, think and conclude. Our minds are so complex and chaotic, that everything we say, do and become, seems random. When in fact it is the result of an unpredicted probability.

Our minds are participating in the process of our own evolution. This mirror in mirror effect is amplifying the idea of entropy.
Did the universe create our conscience to prove its own existence?

The existence of our conscience is by itself a disorder. Does this mean that “losing one’s mind” is a step towards sanity? Or that death is the point zero of order?